HEWN products


If you are not familiar with Hewn Goods please check out their beautiful products here: https://hewn-goods.com ! We were lucky enough to feature some of their newest products in our SJW House Addition + Renovation photo shoot. We love their work and look forward to owning more of their products as they fit in perfectly.

PLANNING santa monica


Last night we attended the Santa Monica R1 Zone District Development Standards Technical Workshop to discuss the current interim ordinance and transition to a new revised R1 standard. Really fascinating information with hopes to reduce the obnoxious massing that’s currently trending.



we have some demolition happening in atwater village! taking this single story bungalow down to the studs so that we can fully renovate and provide a front addition. adding new skylights and windows to the building envelope will aid in lightening up the typically dark interiors. we love the scale of this one- compact and functional.



we finally made it over to the recently completed SKUNK production offices to snap some photos. we are pretty proud how we transformed this URM warehouse into a structurally retrofit, solid office space. More photos to come.....

NEW project

O1 KITCHEN_2.jpg

We are very excited about our new project in pasadena. we will be renovating the existing home and providing an addition onto the rear. the idea is to open up the kitchen while centering the home around the existing brick fireplace. the living and dining area will then lead directly to the back yard through two large paneled glass doors.


before now.jpg

Sometimes during construction it's easy to forget where you came from as the endpoint becomes the main focus. Yesterday I took a moment to remember where our Topanga project began and I find it pretty incredible. Can't wait to see the final product that interior designer, Amy Terranova, creates.

FUTURE architects


It was a pleasure to teach 4 year olds about architecture this morning and luckily for me none of the questions were too difficult! Plus, everybody loves models and renderings! 

NEW project


a beautiful single story 97 year old bungalow in atwater village needs some love. we will be fully renovating the property as well as doing an addition to gain another bathroom. looking forward to moving ahead while retaining the charm and detailing. lets go!

OPEN MODE in action


there is nothing more effective than an on-site meeting with all parties involved: owner, contractor and designer. when we are all on the same page it's easier to foresee potential issues before they happen as well as utilize everyone's strengths in the project. phase 2 of this project should be starting shortly. stay tuned!

PHASING it out


our woodland hills project is in phase one of two phases. the plan is that once we have completed the first phase the family can inhabit the home while the remaining work is completed.  Hence- the kids bathroom is finished! THIS is what happens when your client is an amazing interior designer - Amy Terranova nailed it. Stay tuned as the rest of the house comes along!

NEW project


two new yorkers purchased a contemporary home in the mount washington area of los angeles. the kitchen was small and lacking storage, so we knocked down a few walls and extended it to highlight the amazing view of the surrounding area.



the steel framing is going up, intumescent paint for fireproofing is being sprayed, roof is going on and interior wall framing is just around the corner! our bay offices are getting closer to completion.


Demolition and grading is beginning on our Studio City Elevated Dining Terrace. It will be equipped with a pizza oven, grill, daybeds fire pits, and more. Looking forward to some amazing pizza in the not to distant future!