CABIN progress

We have reached the final stages- only steps and plantings remain. Really looking forward to getting some amazing photos once this one is complete. Can you imagine- photos at dusk with the view beyond, so beautiful.

3D printed model

architecture is not a fast moving process, which is why sometimes you have to nudge it slightly. while we're waiting for the plantings to go in around the cabin to get the perfect photos I decided to get a 3D printed model of the structure with the help of Kapow 3D. We're really happy with how it turned out and who doesn't want another model around the office! Looking forward to 3D printing more objects in the future.

CABIN progress

Our Topanga Cabin/Office/Mini-Structure is oh SO close to completion that it's hard to avoid sharing this photograph. As unbelievable as this California rain has been, it's definitely added a new layer to view our surroundings. No longer is Topanga brown and dry, but bright green and full of lush vegetation- almost foreign seeming. Sometimes there is nothing better than a good layer of mist to help you rediscover what you are already so familiar with.

DEAN complete


We took a quick trip this weekend to Brooklyn in order to photograph our most recently completed project. Click -here- for more images! We are really happy with how this one turned out- storage galore in a NY apartment!

NEW project

another project with an amazing view. looking forward to designing an exterior dining level in studio city. this project will reference the language of the existing home which was designed by former apprentice of frank lloyd wright, james de long.


Sometimes there is nothing better than spending an elongated amount of time in a space to truly understand it. Last week I was lucky enough to work remotely in the space of our warehouse renovation. Such a beautiful space with so many opportunities.

NEW project

new project to renovate an existing kitchen located in brooklyn, ny. it's time to design some options and spec fixtures and finishes! This one has a quick timeline but we're happy to have the opportunity to work in our old city.

NEW project


we will be working on the renovation of an existing 10,400 sq ft warehouse building in the arts district- downtown los angeles. the scope includes converting the building into a new gallery and office space. stay tuned as we move through the design phase. we are excited about this one and we get to work with bittoni architects!


Spent Saturday wandering around the LA convention center for the 2016 Dwell on Design event. I was introduced to many new products and information. Now to start reading all of the free periodicals and integrating the new knowledge into the upcoming projects.

CRESCENT complete

Photo editing is completed and I'm finally posting the images today for our East LA project. We're pretty excited about how it turned out- warm, cozy, comfortable and open.

Click the photo for a link to additional images.